The Best of My Daily Snap 24

Thursday, Day 24 of The Best of My Daily Snap; today a live concert shot taken way back…I love the interaction between the singer and the girl in the audience – a very personal moment captured in a public place.

Photo 184 (A)Live 2 – Edwyn Collins (Orange Juice), Swansea, Wales

…Today we’re going back nearly 30 years for a shot I took of Edwyn Collins, then lead singer with Orange Juice, in Swansea, West Wales – circa 1983/4. This is a scan of an B&W print I did, shot as it was on Ilford HP5 35mm film, uprated to 1600asa. Developed and printed by me on Agfa Rapide paper, back in my student days in Wales.

Edwyn Collins Swansea 1984 by Nick Ritchie0001 crop frame NR 50%

Photograph Copyright Nick Ritchie Photography 1983/2014

The Best of My Daily Snap 23

Wednesday, day 23 The Best of ‘My Daily Snap’ – looking back at my favourite images from my year-long daily photo blog. Today’s was taken in Manchester, England.

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Photo 165 Language is a Virus 4 – Metal and paper, Manchester, UK

Day four…

Is language the virus? …or is the virus…corrupting, changing, morphing, eroding…slowly attacking and destroying language?

Photo 165 Language is a Virus 4 Manchester bridges 028 col crop1 reduced frame NR

…the virus spreads further still…

Photo © Nick Ritchie Photography 2014



The Best of My Daily Snap 22

Today’s image is of shadows and words for a themed series on language…this is one of my favourite images taken during the year-long project.

Photo 162 Language is a Virus 1

A new week, a new theme to the Photo Blog…this week all the images will use language, words and type as a central feature, starting with this one. Language is everywhere, it can be interpreted or mis-interpreted, not always in a negative way.

Language is a virus, so said novelist William S. Burroughs and performance artist Laurie Anderson. They were so right.

Photo 162 Language is a Virus 1 Grizedale Forest Sculpture 001 b&w frame NR 50%

© Nick Ritchie Photography 2014

The Best of My Daily Snap 21

Monday again…and we’re continuing this week with the Best of ‘My Daily Snap’, my blog challenge to produce an image a day for a year, which I successfully completed recently. Today’s image is another abstract interior, one of my personal favourite themed weeks.

Photo 152 Abstract 5 – The Hepworth Wakefield (THW), UK

Day 5 of this week’s photo blog on ‘Abstract’ images. Today a shot of interior stairs at The Hepworth Wakefield (THW) - a great place to visit and absolutely free.

Photo 152 Abstract 5b The Hepworth Wakefield TWH 033 frame NR

© Nick Ritchie Photography 2014

The Best of My Daily Snap 20

Sunday and it’s the end of another week of the best of My Daily Snap. Today’s image was taken on Holy Island and is another abstract image, this time one in the landscape.

Photo 150 Abstract 3 – Lindisfarne, Northumberland, UK

Day 3 of this week’s ‘Abstract’ themed photo blog. It’s also my 150th consecutive post…in my attempt to take/post a photo a day for a year. Today’s effort was taken on Lindisfarne (Holy Island), an island off the Northumbria coast in England linked by a causeway, covered much of the time by the North Sea. I think it wouldn’t be out of place on a New Order cover or video!

Photo 150 Abstract 3 Edingbugh & Lindisfarne Apr 2011 592 frame NR 50%

© Nick Ritchie Photography 2014


The Best of My Daily Snap 19

Saturday, Day 19 of the best of ‘My Daily Snap’; today I’ve picked an abstract image from the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, one of my favourite places.

Photo 149 Abstract 2 – Basket #7, YSP, Yorkshire, UK

Day 2 – We’re into the second day of this week’s themed photo blog on ‘Abstract’ images. Today a shot I took at the YSP in Yorkshire. It’s the interior staircase of the sculptural piece ‘Basket #7′ by Winter/Horbelt. I love the bold shapes, lines and textures mixed with the varying light and shade on the metal surfaces.

Photo 149a Abstract 2b YSP 1 Aug 2012 233 frame NR 50%

© Nick Ritchie Photography 2014

The Best of My Daily Snap 18

Friday, and another interior today. The original blog had two images, I’ve chosen one of them for the best of ‘My Daily Snap’.

Costa Rica

Day four of this week’s themed photo blog on ‘Interiors’ and we move to a modest hotel in Costa Rica for today’s images. I just love the simple lines and curves and plain understated nature of this stairway/stairwell – that and the beautiful soft light that floods the building.

Photo 144a Interiors 4a N&SR Costa Rica Honeymoon Feb 09 017 frame NR 50%

© Nick Ritchie Photography 2014