The Best of My Daily Snap 16

Wednesday and today’s image in the best of ‘My Daily Snap’ series is from a themed series on sculpture and people.

Photo 136 Sculpture & People 3

This one’s hot off the press, taken yesterday on a day trip to Wakefield to visit The Hepworth Wakefield (THW) – a fantastic gallery/museum/art space that features the work of sculptor Barbara Hepworth in a large permanent collection, as well as other exhibitions, both permanent and visiting.

I had this week’s theme in my head whilst I was wandering around, so this image leapt out at me. Shot through a piece of Hepworth’s sculpture, this little lad proves that art can be tiring!

Photo 136 Sculpture & People 3 The Hepworth Wakefield TWH 062 - Copy frame NR 50%

The THW is part of the Yorkshire Sculpture Triangle that includes galleries in Leeds and The Yorkshire Sculpture Park in West Bretton. THW is a great place, that’s won many awards and is well worth a visit, along with the others in the triangle!

© Nick Ritchie Photography 2014

The Best of My Daily Snap 15

Tuesday, day 15 of my look back at the best of a year of ‘My Daily Snap’. Today’s is theme I revisit quite regularly – sculpture in the landscape.

Photo 134 Sculpture & People 1

Originally posted on August 12, 2013 by

Today we’re at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP). I saw this little fella running over to admire a large Henry Moore sculpture; head titled he is in awe large bronze piece. I think it captures the scale nicely; the child dwarfed by the bronze, which is turn surrounded by the vast Yorkshire landscape. Moore was all about sculpture in the landscape and I think he would have enjoyed this image.

Photo 134 Sculpture & People 1 YSP Nov 11 2012 023 frame NR 50%

© Nick Ritchie Photography 2014

The Best of My Daily Snap 14

Monday…a new week and we continue selecting the Best of ‘My Daily Snap’, my 365-day blog project to produce a picture a day for a year. Today’s comes from a series on walls first published in August last year.

Photo 131 Walls 5 Wall & Dog

Day 5 of this week’s photo blog on ‘Walls’…back to the Lake District today for this one. The dog appeared out of nowhere whilst I was photographing the landscape, stopped briefly and then continued on his path to wherever. Some photos opportunities only exist for the briefest of moments and then are gone.

Photo 131 Walls 5 Lake District Aug 18-25 2009 511 frame NR 50%

© Nick Ritchie Photography 2014

Photo 378 The Best of My Daily Snap 13 ‘Flora 3′

So ends week two of The Best of ‘My Daily Snap’…with this shot of a plant. A bit of a departure for me, I love the graphic nature of plants and the variety of textures the different species have.

Photo 115 Flora 3 Maruba, Belize, CA

Day 3 of this week’s themed blog on Flora and we move to Belize, Central America for this close detail of another fantastic plant. I love the texture evoked, the unusual patterns, the rough surface, the smooth edges and sharp points/hooks. Nature’s can be truly amazing!

Photo 115 Flora 3 Belize Nov 2008 057a1 frame NR 50%

It was published on my birthday and, as I said at the time, I would rather have a plant like this any day over a bouquet!

© Nick Ritchie Photography 2014

Photo 377 The Best of My Daily Snap 12 ‘Numbers 7′

Today’s Best of ‘My Daily Snap’ image follows on from yesterday, in that it is also number and wood related. I noticed this ticket and was drawn to photograph it.

The final pic of this week’s photo blog on numbers – tucked away in the crevice of a wooden gate I saw this car park ticket…P 11715. How long had it been there? Is it still there?

Photo 112 Numbers 7 Sherwood Forest Notts 102 frame NR 50%

© Nick Ritchie Photography 2014

Photo 376 The Best of My Daily Snap 11 ‘Numbers 4′

Today’s image from ‘My Daily Snap’ features another of my favourite subjects – trees. I just love the sculptural qualities and beauty of wood and especially trees. It comes from a series I did on numbers a theme which has provided me with a number of images.

Photo 109 Numbers 4 Trees, Sherwood Forest

Today we’re in Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire, UK. The age old oaks are numbered and recorded…but I wonder just what’s gone on around them in the hundreds of years since they’ve grown from seeds…if only they could talk!

Photo 109b Numbers 4b Sherwood Forest Notts 072 frame NR 50%

© Nick Ritchie Photography 2014

Photo 375 The Best of My Daily Snap 10 ‘Graffiti 13′

Today’s Best of ‘My Daily Snap’ is another graffiti image, taken in Costa Rica. I like the almost painterly qualities of the shot.

Photo 104 Graffiti 13 Wall and Stones, Costa Rica, CA

Although the graffiti is very basic I love the way the muted yellow works with the grey wall and the balance between the wall, the graffiti & the stones. Combined they form a unified whole that is in itself artistic and you could even view the whole as a piece of art.

Like so much graffiti and street art it is transcient, not intended to last forever - the stones will be moved, the wall painted over and the scene will change. In the meantime it’s there to be viewed, savoured and discussed, which is no different from all art, meaningful or otherwise.

Photo 104 Graffiti 13 Costa Rica 28 May - 3 June 2010 366 frame NR 50%

© Nick Ritchie Photography 2014